RK Pendergrass

RK is a writer, storyteller, and humorist in Washington, D.C. She’s performed on RISK! Live Show and  Story Collider. Her humor writing can be seen on McSweeneys, National Lampoon, Weekly Humorist, and Redbook. She also hosts/produces the nationally touring Solve for X Variety show, which combines her three loves of  art, science, and comedy (and, periodically, really bad puns). She also performs for local comedy and variety shows, including the time she played didgeridoo in a one-night-only Johnny Cash tribute band.

She has studied with Second City, Dad’s Garage, and Washington Improv Theatre. Before that she was a child actor and model, but was never famous enough to develop a drug habit or a worthwhile IMDB page.

In addition to comedy and performance, RK writes about science and other very serious things for HowStuffWorks, Eater, Martha Stewart, and more. She has given talks about science at Dragon Con, Geek Girl Con, Nerd Nite, The Atlanta Science Festival. She has touched many sharks and been embarrassingly drunk with many esteemed scientists.

Find RK, her puns, and RTs of drunk scientists on twitter a @Sharkespearean.



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